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About Us

Introduction to our “Family”

Reliable Removals was started by the late, Geoff Corbett in 1983 with a single vehicle, which has since progressed into a much larger and compact family business. 

This family connection is promoted to all our staff members who are professionally trained and permanent, thus ensuring safe and efficient services as well as our Clients Safety and Security. 

Current day to day business activities are performed by Barry Corbett, our admin/accounts manager, Niek Roberts who is our full-time workshop technician with the prime task of ensuring that our vehicles are in tip-top shape at all times thus keeping any breakdowns or inconveniences to an absolute bare minimum.

Together, this team and family of staff strives to provide you with a service born of experience and understanding in our industry.

Our Mission Statement


We believe that quality rests upon service that meets not only with the customer’s apparent needs but also those
that are not. 

Hence, we actively strive to improve the type and scope of service we provide through a continuing process of educating ourselves to our customer’s requirements, needs and solution requirements. It is therefore our job and not a customer’s, to reach out and bridge these gaps in services and quality thereof, provided by us.

FLEET – Our vehicles range from 1t ‘bakkies’ up to 12t Pantechnicon’s with both open or closed vehicles available. Each vehicle
is equipped with 2-way radios/cell phones (if distance eliminates radio capability) enabling constant monitoring of our vehicle and your load. Vehicles are also equipped with vehicle monitoring equipment whereby driver performance is monitored which in turn helps us to promote safe behavior towards fellow road users by our drivers.



REMOVAL – This division undertakes removals locally, nationally and inter nationally through our own fleet as well as a network of reputable Contractors whether it is a house, flat, townhouse, office or factory. Specialized piano removals are also undertaken with the necessary specialist equipment and staff required allowing the utmost care to be taken of your prized possessions. Also undertaken by this division are internal removals that are required from time to time, whether it is one floor to another, one office
to another or even within the same office or complex. Again, this is done with the necessary equipment and crew to ensure the utmost care is taken. 



Our crews are equipped with trolleys to enhance their carrying ability of larger items such as safes, pot plants and pianos. A basic toolbox enables basic dismantling and reassembly of items that cannot be moved as is. Vehicles are also equipped with a large quantity of soft and clean blankets to cushion and wrap furniture as well as even ‘special’ blankets for dirty items such as braais, pot plants etc. Plastic covers are also used for lightly coloured items and the use of soft strapping ensures that no damage to your goods takes place. All of these factors combine to provide the utmost protection to your possessions.


PACKING – Packing crews are thoroughly trained in the ability to safely, securely, efficiently and carefully pack boxes or export wrap items if required. These teams also wrap and crate furniture for overseas shipping as well as packing or unpacking of containers arranged through our central office. Should you be arranging your own shipping and container then this crew is ideally suited to wrap your goods and pack your container for a safe journey.


HAULAGE – Our general/commercial haulage division will endeavour to provide you with the necessary services or transport requirements of any commodity (except Hazardous/bulk liquid/heavy haulage) that you may require, again with open/closed vehicles. These vehicles are all equipped with strapping, canvassing, netting as well as basic dunnage that may be needed.

Crane hire and vehicle hire on a ‘per load’ or ‘daily basis’ can be arranged where such requirements exist.

OVERSEAS – Overseas shipping is undertaken for small to large consignments for door-to-door OR door-to-port requirements with the utmost care and with your goods being transported through a network of reputable contractors.

– Additional Cover is available through our brokers should you request such a service with competitive rates given. Storage Extension Cover at our warehousing is available on request. Goods are stored on pallets, itemized and numbered, plastic wrapped and protectively stacked. Security details can be provided on request. Monthly naphthalene balling and pest control is also carried out on a regular basis (inspection can be arranged on request).

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